Customers often ask if roof replacement or roof repair insurance can cover the cost of our work. The answer is it’s possible, but there are a few contingencies that will determine the answer. Discovering the answer starts by looking at the type of homeowner’s insurance plan and what is covered within that plan.

What Will Roof Replacement Insurance Likely Cover?

We have helped countless customers with roof replacement and repair projects after their roof was damaged by what the insurance industry calls an unexpected peril. In other words, a roof that has experienced wear and tear after a few decades of use will likely need to be replaced with money directly out of the homeowner’s pocket. However, if a tree fell on a roof during a storm or a windstorm or fire damaged the roof, the homeowner’s insurance would likely cover at least part of the repair or replacement costs. Unexpected peril is what is most likely covered in a standard plan, but there are homeowner’s insurance plans that cover a more extensive array of damage and repair needs.

Have a Question About Your Roof Insurance Plan?

As your roofing in NJ expert, Gasper Roofing is here to help our customers in any way we can. If you need roof repair or replacement, schedule your consultation today by calling 856-786-9333. Our team will get to know the reason behind your roofing needs and work to help you leverage your insurance plan to save as much money as possible. When an insurance claim is to be paid out, an adjuster and an inspector will typically be involved. Gasper Roofing can help with this process to ensure you get all the money you are rightfully owed via your insurance policy.